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Is Alpha Phi Omega a sorority or fraternity?

There are a variety of different Greek organizations, ranging from social, to professional, to ethnic. Alpha Phi Omega is categorized as a co-ed service fraternity. We have the social benefits of a brotherhood while keeping our main focus on service and leadership in our communities.


Can I join a social fraternity or sorority if I join APO?

Yes! The same way that you can be a part of a professional Greek organization, such as a business fraternity, and a social one, you can be a part of a service fraternity and a social fraternity. You cannot be a part of two social fraternities or two service fraternities, however.


The testimonials were great, but why else should I join?

By joining Alpha Phi Omega, you make a life-long commitment to service and leadership. You will join a prestigious community of over 400,000 leaders, with alumni ranging from Michelle Obama to Bill Clinton.


How do I get involved?

If you are interested, please come to one of our events, reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram, or send an email to apo.ubc@gmail.com


How much does it cost?

Most of the time, it is less than $100, depending on when you are signing up! For exact costs, it is best to contact an APO member at apo.ubc@gmail.com.


What is the time commitment?

Alpha Phi Omega members meet once a week for around one hour. We will also have service weekends, with service projects for either the university or community, twice a month. Social events, further leadership training, and other events will take place intermittently and will be optional.


What happens at meetings?

During meetings, we’ll learn about APO history, participate in leadership training, and plan our future events together. We’ll hear updates from each executive portfolio, followed by social activities. Depending on the meeting, we may have special activities and events planned.


Who can join?

Membership is open to all students at UBC!


Can students at other universities in BC join?

Unfortunately, you are not able to join APO UBC if you don’t attend school at UBC. Good news, more Canadian chapters are opening following UBC. If you are interested in starting an APO chapter at your university, email jim@aphio.ca for information.


What are Bigs and Littles?

At APO UBC, we assign big siblings to all new members as mentors to help guide them through the transition to university and new membership in APO. They will often become your life long friends and go-to contact whenever you have questions or concerns about anything in APO!


Is there hazing?

No. We hold a zero tolerance policy towards hazing.


What effect will joining have on my grades?

It will benefit you. It has been consistently shown that students involved with extracurriculars in their community get higher grades. Popular theories suggest that juggling a few involvements force individuals to manage their time better, in turn making them more productive.


What would I get out of a service fraternity that I could not get out of other clubs?

As a service organization bounded by friendship, we are more than just a club. We are a community of leaders internationally who are passionate about making a change in the world through service.